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  • Silky Rice Polisher
    Description : Suitable for steam, raw & single boiled rice. Gives excellent glossy finish to rice. Special water jet spary combined with blower air. All rollers are made out of alloy steel for long life and superior polishing of rice.
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  • Rice Packaging Machine
    Description : Are very compact and simple controls. Having high packaging speed (up to 5 bags per min).Covers a wide range of packing (Range: 2-80 Kgs).
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  • Rubber Sheller - Manual
    Description : Comes with sturdy construction. The rubbers have high operational life. Standard F2 rubbers are used.
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  • De-Stoner
    Description : PQSF vibro De-stoners are widely used in many modern rice and grain mills due to their higher efficiency and low maintenance.Used to separate dust, stone etc. from all type of grains.Dust is not let out during their operation.Available from 2 to 6 TPH.
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  • Paddy Separator
    Description :Tray type paddy separators occupies very less space and needs very little maintenance. These are available from 5 trays to 16 trays, for a working capacity of 1 to 5 TPH on paddy.
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Rubber Sheller
Rice Plansifter
Paddy Separator
Rice Polisher
Rice Whitener
Rice Packaging Machine
Rubber Sheller
Rubber Sheller - Manual
Item Code: F2

We deliver high performance manually operated rubber shellers for perfect operations in varied modern mills. Some of their specifications are:
  • Comes with sturdy construction.
  • The rubbers have high operational life.
  • Standard F2 rubbers are used.
  • Can work up to 4 TPH on paddy.
  • Suitable for raw, Steam and  Boiled paddy.
  • Power Required: 10HPx960 or 12.5HPx1440.
Rubber Sheller - Pneumatic
Item Code: F-2

We have highly efficient Pneumatic Rubber Sheller, which works for capacity up to 4TPH of Paddy combined with optimum rubber life. These are the up-graded form of manual rubber shellers. Some of their characteristics are:
  • Have automatic shutter and rubber movements.
  • Double blower are installed for rubber cooling.
  • Rubber life is enhanced by 50% than manual shellers.
  • Standard F2 rubbers or DMR rubbers can be used.
  • These can efficiently operate up to 4 TPH paddy.
  • These are suitable for Raw, Steam & boiled paddy.
  • Power Required: 10HPx960 or 12.5HPx1440.
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